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  Apache Hive Tutorial (Videos and Books)

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Apache Hive.
The Elephant Riders' brought to you by The Hive
(Part 1) 'Hadoop as a Service  Is the market now  Is Hadoop ready for the cloud 
(Part 1) Advanced Visual Analytics and Real time Analytics at Platform scale
(Part 1) Hadoop Effortlessly  A Data Inventory is Key to Data Self service
(Part 1) IBM Watson, Building on Innovation
(Part 2) 'Hadoop as a Service  Is the market now  Is Hadoop ready for the cloud 
(Part 2) Advanced Visual Analytics and Real time Analytics at Platform scale
(Part 2) IBM Watson, Building on Innovation
(Part 3) 'Hadoop as a Service  Is the market now  Is Hadoop ready for the cloud
03   Getting Started with Microsoft Big Data   Introduction to Hive and HiveQL
0603 Hivemall Scalable Machine Learning Library for Apache Hive
0604 Adding Acid Transactions in Hive
0604 Hive plus Tez A Performance Deep Dive
A Hadoop Ecosystem Overview  Including HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn, Hive, Pig, and HBase
Advanced hadoop Bigdata HIVE HBASE training
Aggregatind Big Data in Hadoop on Azure using Hive
An example Apache Hadoop Yarn upgrade
An In depth Look at Putting the Sting in Hive
An introduction to Apache Ambari
An Introduction to Apache Avro
An introduction to Apache Cassandra
An introduction to Apache Chukwa
An introduction to Apache Crunch
An Introduction to Apache Flume
An Introduction to Apache Hadoop Yarn
An Introduction to Apache Hama
An Introduction to Apache HBase
An introduction to Apache HCatalog
An introduction to Apache Mahout
An Introduction to Apache Oozie
An Introduction to Apache Pig
An introduction to Apache Spark
An introduction to Apache Sqoop
An introduction to Apache Storm
An introduction to Apache Thrift
An Introduction to Apache Zookeeper
An introduction to Cloudera Impala   SQL on top of Hadoop
An introduction to Cloudera Impala
An Introduction to Hadoop Hue Gui
An introduction to the Apache Hadoop command set
Analyse Big Data with Hive Training In Chennai
Analyse Big Data with Hive Training In Mumbai
Apache Hadoop & Hive installation with Movie rating example part 1
Apache Hadoop & Hive installation with Movie rating example part 2
Apache Hadoop & Hive Installation examples on Linux
Apache Hadoop   PIG & Hive Training With Projects in Mumbai
Apache Hadoop Ecosystem [ Hive,Pig,Hbase,MongoDB,NosQL] Training In Chennai
Apache Hadoop HDFS
Apache Hadoop Training   Hive Data Models
Apache Hadoop Training   Hive Part 1
Apache Hive  Databases
Apache Hive  External Table Intro
Apache Hive  External Tables Hands on
Apache Hive  Internal Tables Hands on
Apache Hive  Internal Tables Intro
Apache Hive  Introduction
Apache Hive Advance Level Training 
Apache Hive and the Stinger Initiative
Apache Hive Installation steps
Apache Hive Installation Tutorial
Apache Hive Interview Questions (What is Apache Hive  )
Apache hive metastore with mysql instead of derby
Apache Hive POC for connecting hive with mysql
Apache Pig & Hive. 2012 09 13
Arun Murthy Hadoop Summit 2011 Next Generation Apache Hadoop MapReduce
Best of Strata Santa Clara 2013  SQL on Hadoop Defining the New Generation of Analytic Databases
Big Data + Hadoop + Hive + Sqoop + MySQL
Big Data   An Introduction to Hive and HQL
Big Data   Hive Application Demo
Big data apps with Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC to Hadoop Hive
Big Data in Real Time
Big Data Integration With Talend and Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop
Big Data Introduction 18 Hive Introduction
Big data Training   Chennai (Hadoop Hive & Pig ]
Big Data, Easy BI
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 6   MySQL and Hive Install
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 9   ODBC Connectivity to Hive and Basic HQL
Bigdata Pig , Hive & Hbase Training in Chennai
BigData, Hadoop, Pig & Hive   An introduction!
BigDataTechCon SanFrancisco2013
borthakur hadoop univ research.ppt
Building Hive  Data Marts  in 5 minutes with Hive Mapper   Talend v5.2 features
Cloud friendly Hadoop and Hive
Cloudera CDH QuickStart and Hive in Virtualbox
Cloumon   Apache Hive Management Tool
Combat Cyber Threats With Cloudera Impala & Apache Hive   Cloudera
Data Analytics using Hadoop   05 Create Hive Database And Tables
Data Analytics using Hadoop   07 Stage Hive Output
Data cubes in Apache Hive   Amareshwari Sriramadasu, Jaideep Dhok
Data Science with Hive from Tsunami
data warehouse inmon versus kimball 2
Demo  Move VSAM data to Apache Hive with Veristorm
Demo for Hadoop User Environment (HUE) and Beeswax
Demonstration of Apache Hive
Difference between Internal and External Table in Hadoop
Discover HDP 2.1  Interactive SQL Query in Hadoop with Apache Hive
Discover HDP 2.2  Even Faster SQL Queries with Apache Hive and Stinger.next
EMR Training  Hive & Pig (9 of 11)
EMR Training  Hive Job Flow (10 of 11)
ERStudio Support for Hadoop Hive
Expert Level HADOOP HIVE PIG Cassandra HBASE Online Training
Ezequiel Golub  Hadoop, Hive y Elastic MapReduce
Flamingo Big Data Platform   Hive Editor
From Data Source to Secret Sauce  Hive for BI Pros
From Hive to Spark, How Bizo made the Jump   Josh Carver (Bizo)
Getting Hadoop, Hive and HBase up and running in less than 15 minutes
Hadoop   PIG & HIVE Training With Projects 
Hadoop   The Definitive Guide 3rd Edition.pdf
Hadoop and Big Data 2 6 Processing Petabytes
Hadoop and Hive at Square par Nicolas Thiébaud
Hadoop Architecture
Hadoop Basics for SQL Server DBAs
hadoop Big data HIVE PIG FLUME Training in Chennai
Hadoop Components   Part II   Pig, Hive, and Jaql
Hadoop Developer Day Part 2  Intro to Hive
Hadoop Developing with hive
Hadoop get start 2 how to hive map reduce
hadoop hbase hive pig configuration and operation
Hadoop Hive    Hive Training    Intro to Hive and Architecture    learn Hadoop
Hadoop Hive and Hbase integration with example
Hadoop Hive Introduction
HADOOP HIVE Training In Bangalore
Hadoop How to install and start Hive in ubuntu with Example
Hadoop Mapreduce Hive Pig Oozie Training 
Hadoop Meetup (HUG) August 2014   Security in Hive 13
Hadoop Part 1 of 6
Hadoop Professional Training s  20 Modules (1).pdf
hadoop sqoop hive Training In Chennai
Hadoop Streaming in Hue Oozie, querying results in Hive
Hadoop The Definitive Guide 3rd Edition.pdf
Hadoop Training 2   Deep Dive In HDFS (What is Hadoop  )   What is HDFS     What is Hive  
Hadoop Tutorial  Analyzing Data with Hue and Hive, the Yelp Dataset Challenge
Hadoop Tutorial  Apache HCatalog
Hadoop Tutorial  Apache Hive
Hadoop Tutorial  Apache Pig Editor in Hue 2.3
Hadoop tutorial  build and use Hive UDF in 1 minute!
Hadoop Tutorial  Use Pig and Hive with HBase
Hadoop Tutorial   Create Hive tables and load quoted CSV data in Hue
Hadoop Tutorial   Hue  Execute Hive queries and schedule them with Oozie
Hadoop Tutorial   Hue  Schedule Hive queries with Oozie coordinators
Hadoop Tutorial   Hue   Hive Query editor with HiveServer2 and Sentry
Hadoop Tutorial   Oozie workflow credentials with a Hive action with Kerberos
Hadoop Tutorial   The new Pig Editor Navigator in Hue
Hadoop Tutorial 14   Block Structured File System
Hadoop Tutorial 4   Overview of Hadoop Projects
Hadoop Tutorial HDFS, HIVE, PIG Online Training What is PIG and HIVE Part 1 Tutorial 17
Hadoop Tutorial HDFS, HIVE, PIG Online Training What is PIG and HIVE Part 2 Tutorial 17
Hadoop Tutorial HDFS, HIVE, PIG Online Training
HBase and Hive at StumbleUpon
HDFS (part11)   HDFS Commands 1
HDInsight Demo including MapReduce job and Pig based processing and results filtering in Hive
Hive  Distributed Data Warehousing with Hadoop
Hive Data Model
Hive Data Warehouse  Lessons Learned
Hive HBase Integration, or MaybeSQL 
HIVE Installation on Hadoop Cluster
Hive Online Training   Hive Installation,s Tutorial Training   
Hive, Batch and Interactive SQL on Hadoop by ALAN GATES at Big Data Spain 2013
Hive, Postgres, and Hadoop Foreign Data Wrapper Tutorial
Hive Enterprise SQL at Hadoop Scale(Stinger.next)­ by Alan Gates of Hortonworks
Hortonworks' New Stinger Initiative Buzzing In The Big Data Hive   Breaking Analysis
How to access Hadoop Hive tables data from Language R console
How to load data into hive table in Hadoop
How to use Hive on Hadoop HDFS.
How to work with partitions in hive
How to create Hive tables and write data in using Talend Hive components   Talend v5.2 features
HUG Meetup April 2010  Hive HBase Integration, or MaybeSQL 
HUG Meetup April 2013  The Stinger Initiative  Making Apache Hive 100 Times Faster (Part II)
HUG Meetup April 2013  The Stinger Initiative   Making Apache Hive 100 Times Faster (Part I)
HUG Meetup January 2013  Impala   Real time Queries for Apache Hadoop
HUG Meetup October 2014  Hive On Spark
India's No.1 hadoop Big data HIVE PIG FLUME Training
Informatica Hadoop Hive Pushdown 9.5.1
Innovations In Apache Hadoop MapReduce, Pig and Hive for Improving Query Performance
Interoperability in the Apache Hive Ecosystem   Sushanth Sowmyan, Mithun Radhakrishnan
Intro to Hive and HCatalog at NYC HUG
Introduction to Apache Hive in CDH 3.7   HIVE Online Training   Apache hive tutorial for beginners
Introduction to Apache Hive
Introduction to Big Data, Hadoop, Hadoop Components and Microsoft HDInsight
Introduction to HIVE   Part 1
Introduction to Pig Hive
Introduction to the Hadoop on Azure Interactive JavaScript Console
Introduction to the Hadoop Services on Azure Interactive Hive Console (widescreen )
Introdution to Apache Hadoop
Journées SQL Server 2014   Hive ou la convergence entre datawarehouse et Big Data
Karthik Ranganathan Hadoop Summit 2011 Facebook Messages Infrastructure with Q&A
Live Action  Hadoop and SQL Server Connector
Liyin Tang Hadoop Summit 2011 Join Strategies in Hive
Loading Data Into Hive  From Data Just Right LiveLessons  Training
Market Basket Analysis  Using Hive and Data Miner
Meet the committer  Apache Ambari with Mahadev Konar
Meet the committer  Apache Hive with Owen OMalley
Mo' Data, Mo' Problems, E04  Pig vs. Hive
Openwest 2014   Dave Wellman   Developing on Hadoop using Pig & Hive (80)
Performance evaluation of cloudera impala with comparison to Hive
Pig Hive
Pig vs Hive  
Process Web Logs with AWS Data Pipeline, Amazon EMR, and Hive
Programming Hive
Querying Hive with Toad for Cloud
QueryIO Big Data Analytics Data Importation
Real time Streaming Analysis for Hadoop and Flume
Rethinking the Data Warehouse with Hadoop and Hive   Ashish Thusoo
rmr2, Python, Jar & Pig MapReduce Wordcounts in RStudio
Ron Bodkin Hadoop Summit 2011 Petabyte Scale Device Support with Hadoop, Hive, and HBase
Running Real Time Queries with Spark and Shark on Top of C  Data
Simba Technologies Hadoop Hive ODBC 3.52 Connector Overview
Simplifying Use of Hive with the Hive Query Tool
SpagoBI 4.1 in the banking industry   Lesson 4 of 5. Hadoop Hive and SpagoBI
Storing PatientData into HDFS and access through Hive QL
Structured Data with Hive and Shark   Reynold Xin
Tableau and Hadoop
Tez + Hive, Gunter Hagleitner, Seattle Scalibility Meetup
Trendwise Analytics   Social Media Reporting Using Hadoop & Hive
Turbocharging Hive #1 of 2   Deploy HD Insight 3.1 in Azure
Turbocharging Hive #2 of 2   Comparing Hive MR, Tez, Tez + ORC File
UDF(User defined Function) in Hadop
Understanding Concepts of Advanced Hive   Hive Scripting   Apache Hive Tutorial   2
Understanding Hive Commands in Apache Hadoop
Use Excel Hive Add in to Access Hive on Windows Azure
Use PowerPivot to Access Hive on Windows Azure
Using Apache Hive With Amazon Elastic MapReduce   1 of 2
Using Apache Hive With Amazon Elastic MapReduce   2 of 2
Using Apache Hive with Azure HDInsight
Visualize Big Data in your Apache Hive through Excel
Wave59 Hive Technology Part 1
web scraping with nutch solr part 2
What is Apache Hive 
What is Hadoop  Other big data terms like MapReduce  Cloudera's CEO talks us through big data trends
What is Hadoop EcoSystem   HDFS   MapReduce   HBase   Pig   Hive   Sqoop   Flume   ZooKeeper
What is Hive   Why Hive   Apache Hive Tutorial 1
What is Hive 
What is HIVE in Hadoop
What is RCFile (Hadoop Training) Apache Hive Training(2)
What is SerDe   Hadoop Training , Apache Hive Training (1)
What is Single and Multi table insertion in hive
What's New and What's Next in Apache Hive 
Whats is Hive in Hadoop 
XLDB2012  Hive vs Pig  Similarities and Differences
[Part   1] Hive Meetup   The power equation Big Data + Social in Governance
[Part   2] Hive Meetup   The power equation Big Data + Social in Governance
[Part   3] Hive Meetup   The power equation Big Data + Social in Governance
[Part   4] Hive Meetup   The power equation Big Data + Social in Governance
[Part 1] The Data Driven Juke Box at Pandora
[PART 2] The Data Driven Juke Box at Pandora